Anime Review: Amnesia

Saturday, 22 February 2014

    9.5/10 stars

  Heheheheh... I just wanted to make this photo large to PROVE the fact that the guys in this anime are smoking hot, no joke. (Shin, I see you baby!)

  Amnesia is about exactly what the title says; amnesia itself. Except, this anime has a darker deeper plot twist that will make your mind blow, like completely. So, it's mainly about this girl, don't even remember her name, LOL. She wakes up with amnesia, not remembering anything of what had happened in her life so far and a fairy/spirit Orion shows up and tries to help her regain her memories. The girl will begin going to different worlds, and in every world, she dates a different guy, and she's trying to figure out what happened and why she got amnesia and why everything happened. So this is basically a female harem.

   I have read many reviews about this anime, and most of them were pretty bad. I didn't know what to expect. But, once I watched Episode 1, I was pretty hooked in, and I didn't want to stop watching. If you like an anime with more mysteries, cliffhangers, and confusion, then this anime is definitely for you. Oh, and did I mention the ROMANCE?!

    The guys in this anime.... OH MY GOD. Like, they're absolutely beautiful! The artwork has made this also wonderful. Who were your favourites? Mine were Ikki, Shin, and Ukyo, don't worry, you'll find out about him soon enough. :) 

     The thing is, I don't understand how these guys can love the heroine. She was a selfish, emotionless person, and that's like the only reason why I disliked this anime. I really wanted a more cheerful, happy heroine but we got some miserable one who always said "Um.." I understand that you're going through confusion, BUT COME ON.

      Sorry about my complaining, but it's the truth. 

       This anime was... was... was... AMAZING. I loved it so much, too much! I watched the episodes one after the other after the other until it was over. It gave me laughs, tears and even feelings for the characters. The subs were done perfectly and the artwork and concept was beautiful. I loved the idea with the cards and Orion was absolutely adorable!

           "I wanted you to smile for me one last time."




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